Back in 2011, when the first Céline Luggage Tote was launched on the market, everyone seemed to go crazy about it, with people waiting for up to six months just to get the chance to own one of these beauties.

As the year went by, the interest for this classy bag faded a little bit, but that doesn’t mean it’s any worse. As a matter of fact, we think the new versions of this handbag are better than ever, and Céline has just unveiled an impressive lookbook to see what you can buy right now.

Since its debut, the French label has often played with this bag’s sizes and pricing, and today you could get the Céline Luggage Tote in four different styles, called Nano, Micro, Mini and Medium Phantom. The basic prices for all these styles are pretty much similar to what some of you might know, but Céline had another surprise for us planned this year.

They’ve introduced a new exquisite leather for these totes, called Baby Grained Calfskin, which would be a bit more expensive, but totally worth every single penny. In the lookbook below you can take a look at every version of the Céline Luggage Tote that you could buy right now!