The Goyard Anjou Tote is an irresistible bag

Goyard Anjou Tote

Following the massive success of the St. Louis Tote, the French house of Goyard has unveiled a new gorgeous tote called Goyard Anjou that’s ready to make you drool. Similar in dimensions with the St. Louis tote, this new bag comes with the brand’s iconic Chevron print and it will be available in several funky colors.

But the most interesting thing is that customers will have the ability to flip and flaunt this gorgeous tote either with the plain leather side or with the bright print side. The Goyard Anjou Tote will come in two sizes, PM for the petit model and GM for the grand model, with red, orange, green, navy, burgundy, light blue, yellow, white or grey being the colors on offer.

Goyard Anjou Tote

Apart from the beautifully designed body, the Anjou also comes with a removable pochette, sturdy handles and even matching Residence luggage tags that can be purchased separately, which cost $300 in black and $425 for colored versions.

The bag itself will be priced at $2,080 for the PM model and $2,450 for the GM version, with the most expensive versions, like the Goyardine colored tote, going all the way to $2,700 and $3,180 respectively. Goyard’s Anjou Reversible Tote Bag is already available in all the company’s stores, so if you like what you see, you’ll have to hurry up to make sure you still find one.

Goyard Anjou Tote


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