Diamond-encrusted Hermès Birkin

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be mesmerized by the world’s most expensive handbag, coming straight from the renowned auction house Christie’s. We all know Hermès handbags are some of the world’s most sought after bags, but the handbag you’re about to see right now stands at a completely different level.

This one-off Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 30 has been recently auctioned off by Christie’s for a record-breaking price of $300.168, surpassing the pre-sale estimates of $2 million HK, which is $257,841 in US dollars.

The highest bidder for this diamond encrusted Hermès Birkin has placed his winning bid through a phone call, and even though this might seem like an astonishing price, it could prove to be a sound investment in time. Rare Hermès Birkins can only get even more expensive as the years go by and who knows? Maybe we’ll see this beauty once again on the auction block in the next years.


Diamond-encrusted Hermès Birkin

This exquisite handbag was described by the London-based auctioneers as the “rarest, most sought-after” Birkin, encrusted with diamonds, and featuring a buckle and the trademark mini Hermes padlock made from 18 carat white gold. What’s not to love, right?

The first Hermès Birkin like this has been made back in 2008, but this luxurious piece stands out from all other Birkin handbags thanks to the precious materials and gem stones it’s adorned with. The auction for this handbag wasn’t occasional either, as it took part of Christie’s 30th anniversary sale in Asia, together with rare Chinese paintings bespoke watches and wines.